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For the last 13 years, Supply 2 Location, the UK’s leading supplier of film location services and logistics support has been working behind the scenes of hundreds of film and high-end TV productions, supporting location and production managers with the infrastructure they require for film making. From one-day commercial shoots to HETV shows and multi-million-pound blockbusters, the Supply 2 Location teams are one of the main-stays of this sector which spent £6.7 billion in the UK last year, up 11.1% on 2021.

In June 2022, following a management buy-out, the Directors consolidated the company’s network of four regional distribution centres in London, the South-East, Wales and Scotland into the Supply 2 Location Group Ltd.

James Williams, the Group’s CEO, issued a trading statement this week to give the industry an update and some insight into their vision for the future.

“I’m delighted to announce that, in line with our initial plans, since June last year we have added three new regional distribution centres to our existing network bringing the total to seven.  These new locations have been negotiated by our Regional Director, Ian Pearce, who established our first Scottish depot. Our new Birmingham depot covers the West Midlands and the central belt, our new Northern hub is in Merseyside and Ian has just finalised negotiations for our second Scottish yard within the Pioneer Film Studios complex. Together, these strategically located hubs give us a highly efficient integrated service capability through a UK-wide hub and spoke distribution network. What is particularly pleasing is that our hubs are all part of the existing film production community infrastructure.

“I am also delighted to announce that throughout this period of internal activity, we have increased our client base which has contributed to our first half year figures being 18% above our forecast of £4.7m. This is a reflection not just of the vibrancy of our industry but also the fantastic efforts and commitment our regional teams and colleagues have demonstrated, ensuring our clients’ productions stay on track, on schedule and on budget.

“Over the next year, the Group’s revenues will further benefit from our decision to launch a new division - S2L Productions Ltd – which provides a turn-key operation focussing on overseas’ inbound productions from development to distribution. We have recently completed our first project for a major European Netflix production, for which S2L Productions provided location and initial production services.

“We are actively moving the group towards a greener and carbon neutral future and we are looking to further develop partnerships with environmentally and sustainably sound sector suppliers and organisations. One example of this activity is the development of a new battery power system in association with a major UK blue-chip, and we have recently signed a contract to handle the entire maintenance and repair work for a market-leading generator supplier as we prepare for a transition to biofuel and other alternatives.  Investment in training, new technologies and product updates also continue to serve that goal.

“Everything we do is about getting things moving, efficiently, effectively and sustainably. While we continue to maintain our premier position in the industry, we will continue to grow our company, increasing employment opportunities, our levels of service, and developing our range of sustainable equipment.”


  • In February, the BFI’s Research & Statistics Unit published the official figures for the UK film and HETV sector which showed the combined spend by film and HETV productions in the UK reached £6.27 billion, the highest ever recorded.
  • A report published by Screen Skills last June, predicted that the UK’s film and HETV industry will be worth nearly £7.7bn by 2025, requiring nearly 21,000 more crew. Latest figures show that the industry generates the equivalent of 122,000 full-time jobs.


Images are available in this Dropbox Link: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/x02jzpdin62ng1b/AABDaGnDARUlIqwIHLObmNJFa?dl=0

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For over 13 years, Supply 2 Location Group has built a trusted reputation for delivering the infrastructure required for film and broadcast productions. Whether it’s a one-day commercial shoot, HETV series or a multi-million-pound blockbuster, they provide essential logistics, equipment and consumables to film studios and locations (many of which are hard-to-reach) across the UK and the rest of the world.

From a network of seven strategic regional hubs across the UK, their experienced teams collaborate to provide a reliable, secure, customised, 24/7 planning and infrastructure service, responding rapidly and efficiently to meet the complex needs of Location, Unit and Production Managers. Every production and location require customised support and their “Loc. Kit” includes ‘honey wagons’, vehicles, generators, lighting, bowsers, waste wagons, E-Zup portable shelters, water and catering units.

The company’s credits read like a who’s who of the film and broadcast industry. From Bond (Eon), The Batman (Warner Bros), and Outlander (Sony) to Indiana Jones & Star Wars (Disney), and Peaky Blinders (BBC/Netflix), The Crown (Netflix) and many more. Indeed, there are few UK productions that they haven’t delivered support to in some way.

Supply 2 Location is the UK’s authorised E-Z UP supplier.

The company is a member of UK Screen Alliance.

Supply 2 Location Group: supply2location.com    LinkedIn: /supply2location




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