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Here at Supply2Location, we take great pride in having our name alongside many film and tv productions across the country. We cater for a variety of people with a variety of kit and always find fulfilment from helping them achieve their goals.


With the advent of our new website, we are looking to build up many pertinent case studies from here on out to offer further insight into the work we are accomplishing. We hope to be able to provide as in-depth a look at our work as possible to offer a new angle of insight to the great efforts and lengths we go to. 

Stay tuned!

Featured Case Studies

Motor Homes

Mobile Glamour!

We have acquired and now rent out 5 of the finest state of the art motor homes from Southdowns Motor Home Centre, which were VERY quickly rented out to a brand new Pinewood based film production. 

These products are a cut above the best; they have helped facilitate the needs of the clientele and then go above and beyond what we were after as a hire company. 

It was a pleasure to do business with such a charming and well organised company; and we are very happy with the results we have achieved! 

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PVC Divider

Professional & Clean 

We continue to be the only supplier of our popular PVC professional but temporary division system.  Multiple studio and important and significant locations around the country continue to use this easy to assemble, professional looking divider system.

An entirely customisable product that allows us to segregate rooms, create large private spaces as well as create rooms, with seperate compontants such as doors and windows, gives options such as the construction of artisit green rooms and changing booths/rooms, offering levels of instant privacy for a variety of uses that other room dividers cant. 

The product is full of good feedback and due to the simplicity of the installation is becoming more popular all the time. Call us for all enquiries!


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COVID Safe Marquee

A Sign of the Times

When The 007 Stage needed to be operational amongst a pandemic, we needed to tweak our marquee design. We implemented a fully new and uniquely customisable interior, compliant with all social distancing requirements. The building was full of safety precautions, and was very well received. New problems simply created new opportunities for innovation. 

Follow the link to have a look at what we came up with! 

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What our clients say...

The equipment and consumables that you stock are second to none all of which is equipment that all location and unit departments need on a daily basis whether it be a large International, European or small production, for me you will always be my first choice.

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“Delivering Support... Creating Success”